60 Minute Full Body Rejuvenation Massage €95

Lose yourself in this full-body, detoxifying, calming, and rejuvenating massage. From your head to your toes, you will experience a series of massage techniques to break down stresses within the body, resulting in you feeling like a new person.


60 Minute Stress Release Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage €95

A soothing blend of essential oils is used to help calm the nervous system and break down areas of tension. For the ultimate stress-relieving experience, I highly recommend adding an Indian Head Massage to your treatment to relieve tension within the scalp.


60 Minute Mother To Be Massage (12 weeks +) €95

This light pressured, soothing full-body massage helps melt away the aches and pains of pregnancy and gives Mum to be the opportunity to immerse herself in relaxation.


60 Minute Swedish Massage €95

A delightfully therapeutic massage where varied pressure is applied through techniques such as pounding, percussion, kneading, tapping, and vibration. Restoring health and removing toxins.


60 Minute Anti Cellulite Massage €95

This skin firming, detoxifying massage is carried out by using firm massage techniques to break down the cellulite and flush out the toxins that are trapped within the body. This treatment includes dry brushing to boost blood circulation and promote lymph drainage.


60 Minute Indian head €65

Be immersed into deep relaxation with Indian Head Massage. With varied pressure, stroking and massage techniques, blood flow is stimulated, headaches are eased, and tension is released, improving sleep and reducing anxiety and stress.

This can be perfectly paired with a foot massage or Reflexology treatment.


60 Minute Reflexology €65

Reflexology foot massages relieve stress and built-up tension and by stimulating various areas, can holistically heal the body as a whole. This treatment encourages relaxation, improves blood circulation, improves energy levels and gives our feet the TLC they deserve.

To add a treatment to your booking, please email us at info@seavistadonegal.com